Fired NASA Employee to Get Jury Trial

David Coppedge of the Jet Propulsion Lab got
into trouble after lending Intelligent Design DVDs
to coworkers.

Summary: A judge in Los Angeles County has ruled that a jury will
decide if NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) discriminated against a former
employee.  David Coppedge, a 14-year JPL veteran and a team leader
for the Cassini Mission to Saturn, was demoted for lending Intelligent
Design (ID) DVDs to coworkers.  One complainant termed his activity
“harassment” while another said he was “pushing religion.”  After
Coppedge filed suit to vindicate his free expression rights, JPL
terminated him.

The evidence shows Coppedge was fired because he expressed pro-ID
viewpoints which JPL labeled “religion.“ Joshua Youngkin, a legal affairs
policy analyst with Discovery Institute, said that California law forbids
employers from punishing employees whose viewpoints are viewed as
religion.  Youngkin added, "Although ID is not religion, it can't be
singled out by JPL or other employers in this way."

In its ruling, the court found there were “triable” issues related to the
plaintiff’s demotion, written warning, negative performance
evaluations, and ultimate termination that may have involved

In the past year, the California Science Center, the University of
Kentucky, and the journal
Applied Mathematics Letters have all paid
thousands of dollars to avoid trial for suppressing anti-evolution
viewpoints.  Youngkin said, "The upcoming JPL trial will remind
employers that it is costly to discriminate against ID in the workplace."

(Thanks to Brent Nemmers for suggesting this story.)

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Comment: Has the tide turned?  We are aware of how creation
science and Intelligent Design have not fared well in the court in
recent years and decades.  However, if the institutions mentioned
above were confident they could now prevail in court, I don’t believe
they would have settled out of court for the relatively large amounts of
money involved. Still, if this latest suit should go to trial, it is hard to
say how it will end. Strange things happen in court trials, but based on
this report, JPL without doubt appears to be in the wrong.

It does seem sometimes that in America Darwinists are increasingly
running scared. Despite the near-monopoly of evolution thinking in the
national media, on college campuses including even many religious
college campuses, on science magazines, and the like, evolution in
recent years has not garnered a majority of support from the general
population when polling is conducted.  A
CBS poll found 55% of
Americans believe God created humans in our present form and only
13% believe humans evolved without divine input.
Other polls have
shown more than two-thirds of the public want biology teachers to
have the freedom to teach the evidence against evolution as well as
the evidence in favor of it.  

Intelligent Design proponents seem to want their viewpoint to be
considered a scientific rather than a religious argument, as shown by
Mr. Youngkin’s comments.  There is some validity to this thinking.  If an
archaeologist finds a piece of beautifully painted pottery deep in the
ground and attributes it to some ancient civilization, nobody would
accuse him of a religious bias.  So, if scientists find evidence of
planning and design in something as large as the universe or as small
as a single cell, they might ask why their discoveries have to be
automatically labeled “religion”?  

While secular scientists are reluctant to embrace the ID movement,
biblical creationists are not eager to jump on board either. Although we
might want to cheer for ID in hopes their scientists can help to eventually
dethrone the evolutionists from their lofty perch, we must remain on the
sidelines. Because ID cannot or will not identify the God of the Bible as
the Intelligent Designer, we cannot actively participate in that
movement.  We might at times refer to the work of ID scientists, but we
do not hesitate to say it was God who created the universe.  “
In the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth
” (Genesis 1:1).

And this God who created this world and everything in it has also
created a way out of it so that we can enjoy a paradise like our original
ancestors, Adam and Eve, enjoyed for a time in the Garden of Eden.   
Faith alone in Jesus Christ as our Savior, without reference to any good
works we may have done, is the ticket to heaven.  “
Therefore, since we
have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our
Lord Jesus Christ
” (Romans 5:1).  

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Neil Cadman wrote: Ultimately evolution must be defeated by the
word of God. No word of God is without power. There has always been
more evidence against evolution than for it but it prevails because
God's people will not use the word of God. If every Christian had a
sticker on the back of their car that said. “In the beginning God created
the heavens and the earth. In six days He created it." Evolution would
die because God works when His people use His word. The problem is
that Christians are ashamed of Jesus and his words.

Dr. Bruce Holman wrote:  I couldn't agree more with Neil's comments,
and since they are written in the context of a discussion of Intelligent
Design (ID), it is worth extending them to criticize the ID movement for
not making the connection between their arguments and the Bible:  
Isn't is surprising that Moses (4,000 years ago) was able to give us a
model for how the universe came into existence that stands the tests of
our modern day scientific analysis?  It kind of makes you wonder if he
wasn't directly guided by the creator himself... just as the Bible claims.  
I'll go further, and criticize many creationists that fail to make the
connection between Moses and Jesus: Doesn't it make you uneasy
knowing that we are responsible to an almighty God?  It does me!  But
that same reliable word that reminds me of God's creation assures me
there has been a sacrifice made which fully pays for my sins and yours
too. Read about Him!

Gerhold L. Lemke wrote: Abraham lived 4,000 years ago.  Moses
wrote roughly 1,500 years ago.  Almost 30 years ago Martin Sponholz
("Two Towers") pointed out his disappointment with such as the ID
people who, like Newton, refuse to talk about the "efficient" and "final"
causes of Aristotle.  So let's say that in Creation, the first cause was
"material," when the raw elements of matter and energy were "without
form and void."  The second cause was "formal," when God formed
every specific thing by his creating word.  Secular science limits itself to
material & formal.  Christians profess the efficient or "moving" cause,
God doing it all as he willed, in his perfect wisdom.  And the final cause
(as we experience it), that a humanity of his own creation might serve
and love him.  GLL

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Some 88% of Americans consume turkey on
Thanksgiving Day.

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