More Troubles for Human Evolution Theories

Manmade tools found in the Arabian peninsula are
dated far earlier than the dates humans were
supposed to have left Africa.

Summary: Stone tools dating to "125,000" years ago and made by
"modern humans" have been uncovered in the Arabian peninsula.  
However, this date is "50,000" years earlier than it should be according to
the standard theory.  Genetic data points to an exodus from Africa only
"60,000-70,000" years ago.

Simon Armitage of the U. of London and Hans-Peter Uerpmann from the
U. of Tuebingen, Germany along with colleagues found the tools at
Jebel Faya in the United Arab Emirates.  The tools resemble some found
in East Africa at roughly the same time period.  According to the authors
of the study, the people who made the tools originated on the other side
of the Red Sea and were newcomers to the area.  The researchers used
a light-based technique to date the tools at "120,000" years.

Scientists have thought modern humans had "emerged" somewhere in
Africa some 200,000 ago before spreading out to other continents and
displacing indigenous human groups such as the Neanderthals in
Europe.  Studies of DNA from mitrochondria--the cell's powerhouses--
had suggested an "Out of Africa" exodus only 60-70,000 years ago.  
Prof. Uerpmann questioned this date, saying estimates of time using
genetic data are "very rough."  "The domestic dog was said to be
120,000 years old, and now it is 20,000. You can imagine how variable
the genetic dating is," he explained.

Other discoveries have also contradicted the 60,000 year date.  An
Oxford professor found tools that could have been made by modern
humans in India some "74,000" years ago.  And just recently
anthropologists found remains of
modern humans in Israel which date
from "81,000 to 119,000" years ago.

Palaeoanthropologist Chris Stringer of London's Natural History Museum,
noting that the tools found at Jebel Faya were unlike those found at the
Israeli sites, said this hinted at "yet more complexity in the exodus of
modern humans from Africa."  He wondered if there could have been
separate migrations out of Africa.

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Comment: One wonders how frustrated paleontologists, anthropologists,
palaeoanthropologists, and other "ologists" are getting at having to
constantly revise their theories of how and when modern humans or
animals supposedly evolved.  A sense of this frustration seems to be
evident in the remarks of an evolutionist, Professor Alan Cooper,
concerning two different species of moa (an extinct New Zealand bird)
which turned out to be just two sexes of one species. As quoted in the
January-March, 2011 issue of
Creation magazine, he commented:

"So the moas have turned out to be just remarkable in so many ways
about basic evolutionary processes, and you think you've got the whole
thing sorted out ... and you've got to remember they only went extinct
650 years ago and we've got thousands if not tens of thousands of
skeletons of these things, and we still couldn't work it out. And if you're
looking at our ability to completely understand human evolution and
Africa from the remnants of a few bits of bone and some teeth left
behind and we can understand the series of steps between the species,
certainly we can see the change, certainly we can understand  the
general process, but the specifics? If we can't get it right 600 years
ago, how are we going to do it 500,000 years ago with a tiny amount of

This is the problem with what has been called "historical science" in
which scientists try to reconstruct what they think happened thousands
and millions and billions of years ago.  However, nobody was around at
those times and places when major chapters in evolution are said to
have been written in order to document exactly what was happening and
when.  It is too much to expect though that most secular scientists might
begin questioning the whole idea of evolution.  Many researchers hold
to   the notion of evolution, human and otherwise, with the same degree
of faith as any Christian believer.  They are fooling the public and
perhaps themselves in calling their theories

But there is One who was there when all living things appeared on the
earth.  His testimony is given to us in the book known as the Bible, and,
unlike modern theories, His testimony has never had to be revised.  God
has indicated that there has never been any evolution, and all living
things including mankind have begotten only livings things like
themselves.  That is what the Bible tells us happened in the past and
what we see happening around us in the modern world.

We can trust God's Word.  In fact, we
must trust it especially in regard to
our sins and the forgiveness which Jesus offers to us.  Believe Jesus
when He says, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to
the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

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Gerhold L. Lemke wrote: Please note that the date for the Toba
eruption has been nailed down by science, the same as the general
times of far "older" eruptions fueled by the Hot Spot now under
Yellowstone.  Ash from this "plume" accounts for the famous Nebraska
ashfall rhino site of some 10,000,000 years ago in Deep Time.  None
of these geologic changes could have happened before, during, or
after the Flood since Creation was less than 10,000 years ago.  Thus
an informed Christian will want to conclude that God most probably
created everything (including every Neandertal bone and tool) as such,
so this would apply as well to every African hominid and all the
evidence for people "leaving" Africa long ago.

This means, of course, that the Flood did only what the Bible says it
did: rising, drowning every land creature, and then returning to today's
oceans (there being zero evidence for any massive sheet erosion off
any continent).  There's no place for half-measures here.  If you don't
find great ripple marks east of Devils Tower, Wyoming, then don't
assume that end-Flood waters exposed it.  Since Neandertal bones lack
modern levels of C-14, you can correct people wanting to believe that
they were descendants of Noah or even Adam.  And for sure, if their
caves are in limestone strata, then said rock couldn't have been
"deposited" by the Flood.

So give the various secular research people a break where different
people in different contexts of activity agree only on very general
dates.  Let them consider the possibility that God could have created
stone tools as such, as patterns for how to best use a local material,
once descendants of Adam & Eve arrived on the scene.  The clothes
that God made for them could have been God's original intent for
getting them through a winter season -- it being only human tradition
that Earth was everywhere balmy before human sin.  Rather, seasonal
changes would be expected, since only God never changes, so that
every aspect of God's perfect creation would be marked by different
kinds of change wherever one looked.  A created appearance of
changing species through "time" would be appropriate here, and so
"take the wind out of the sails" of unbelief trusting science.   

Worship is everything that Christians do, honoring God.  Jesus said
that worship following human traditions is vain, and he promised
believers that they would know truth with the Spirit's help.  So we "test
everything" (1 Thes. 5:21), and try to put as many facts together as best
we can.  What we can know best beyond all doubt is that "God so loved
the world" ("kosmos" people, John 3:16) that he gave us his own Son
(as long promised) to redeem us forever from death, the "wages" of
human sin demonstrating unrepentant unbelief.  GLL
The Editor wrote: 1.  The Bible says in Genesis 1:1: "In the
beginning" which means the beginning of time.  This occurred a few
thousand years ago as all conservative Bible scholars have
determined.  Why is the writer referring to 10,000,000 years ago?

2. Geneticists have found Neanderthal DNA in modern humans.  That
proves these early homonids were fully human and descendants of
Adam and Eve.  To believe there were humans who did not fall under
the curse in the Garden of Eden is a heretical notion. (For ALL have
sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23)

3. The writer continues to ignore the testimony of Scripture as to the
breaking apart of the earth's surface while the Flood was beginning, an
indication of a catastrophe.  Also, no credible Bible scholar interprets
St. Peter's remarks in 2 Peter 3:5-7 as referring to a tranquil Flood.

4. While secular geologists cannot agree on how Devils Tower was
formed, one theory is that it is a volcanic plug with the rest of the
mountain having eroded away over millions of years.  Volcanoes were
likely part of an early stage of the Flood ("springs of the great deep
burst forth"--volcanoes contain considerable water vapor).  The power
of the Flood waters could have accomplished in a short time what wind
erosion would need millions of years to accomplish.

5. I believe most Christians would feel that claiming God created things
that are not real is an attack on His holiness, not in keeping with the
character of a sinless Creator.  The argument sometimes heard that
fossils were created to show us what sin does is very weak considering
we have a Bible that tells us what sin is and has done.  As I indicated in
the Jan. 19 post, fossils are a powerful argument creationists can use
against the theory of evolution.
Anonymous wrote:  Big Evolution Discovery !

British professor Nigel Swiggerton of Chapsworth College has recently
found a missing link in the evolution/creation debate. Everyone is
familiar with the "stages of man" chart found in textbooks which begins
with a naked, hairy, bent over, grunting Neanderthal type which over
millions of years finally learns how to stand erect while sporting a
1930s-style haircut. Well, Dr. Swiggerton discovered that someone
accidentally reversed the negative. It turns out that the first man was
actually standing erect with a short haircut but has been descending
over the years until he has finally reached the last stage - the stage
at any rock concert filled with naked, hairy, bent over, grunting
Neanderthal types!

[Saw preceding on the web! All evolutionists take notice! LOL Prof. Karl
Gerhold L. Lemke wrote:  1. To answer the "Why?" - It should be
obvious that I believe in a recent creation, and that 10,000,000 is a Deep
Time date (given the slow rate of North America currently moving SW
over a Hot Spot).  What creationism here is STILL ignoring is the fact that
every detail of Google's "Nebraska ashfall rhino" site is an impossible
post-Flood event in real time.  So Created Thus is the only possible
answer for good apologetic.  Yes, time began with the creation of 3-D
solids, but credit an eternal God with good reasons to want to give
geology an apparent great age that, in a small way, "reflects" his eternity.  

2. The creationist belief is that Neandertals were descendants of Noah's
family (since their limestone caves are in supposed Flood-fossil rock).
Since it would have taken some time for their separate forms to breed
true, their bones ought to have the same C-14 as anything from the time
of Abraham has (assuming the fundamentalist late Flood date), but the
bones have almost no C-14 at all, up to 100 times less than there should
be.  This also is being ignored, and we should rather want to say:
Created Thus.  What was created thus never lived, and so never died,
and so this is no denial of Original Sin.   

3. I don't deny the "breaking" of Earth's crust at the start of the Flood.  
Assuming God's creation of 25,000 miles of rift cracks, and the need for
great "pancakes" of material 500 miles down to start "disobeying" gravity
(thus pushing the cold waters of the world ocean up over the continents),
there would have been lots of "breaking" of the rifts going on.  But its
unreasonable to suppose that the whole mass of Iceland spurted up and
out in recent time, especially in the most recent creationist scenario of
Earth's continents playing musical chairs for a few short months.  Who
wants the Ark to float over where masses of molten material were
creating a bubble-ocean that would have immediately sunk the Ark and
all in it?  And I repeat: 2 Peter 3:6 says "kosmos" (world, as in
John 3:16), the first meaning of the word having to do with people.
"Gen" in 3:5&7 is for "geology"  So 3:6 can't! be a prime proof, as
claimed, of "the breaking apart of the earth's surface."  

4. A volcano for Devils Tower couldn't have been "early" in the Flood
because the granite sits high ON supposed Flood strata, and because
the "plug" couldn't have formed until at least another 1,000 feet of
now-disappeared "Flood strata" was in place for it.  There was no real-
time Deep Time wind and rain erosion, so Created Thus is fine.  Also,
nobody is telling me why there is no ripple-mark evidence of end-Flood
"sheet erosion" exposing the Tower.  Ask yourself about the Canadian
Rockies and Glacier Park on the continental divide.  What was the end-
Flood "power" of the water here to suddenly wash away (to where?) all
the now-missing material between the massive strata of these majestic
peaks, while the Flood was just lowering every day as a one-way tide?  

5. I don't know how fossils can be a "powerful argument" against
evolution when they are a 100% witness for an appearance of Deep
Time.  I don't say that they show us (today) what sin is, but that they
were intended as a loving warning for an originally holy humanity.  The
argument follows the pattern of a similar argument that "cancels" the
"problem" of why holy angels fell so soon, and why we see the light of
exploding stars so far away that they could never have existed as stars.
Was God wanting to fool us?  No.  We can say that God could have
intended for his holy angels in far space to see such things, and then
be warned "So your glory can suddenly end, if you oppose Me."  This
apologetic supposes that God didn't simply send people or angels off
on their own without his "being there" for them after creation.  

As for rock stars, the sad reality is that these people are the
"philosophers" of our time, telling a world without God that nothing
matters, that you can be your own god, focused only on yourself.  How
very different from Jesus, our Savior, who went out of his way not to
draw attention to himself, and who set us an example of selfless service
to others, this being a "fruit" of the faith joining us to him.  I repeat:
careful apologetic providing a "framework" for the Good News story will
want to correct old mistakes.  And I thank the LSI for providing this blog
site.  GLL
The Editor wrote: 1. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so
apparently is the age of the earth.  I believe the earthquakes, the
blizzards, the volcanoes, the extremely hot interior of the earth, the
moving tectonic plates, the vast array of living animals and vegetation,
and numerous scientific "yardsticks" all give the earth an apparent
YOUNG age.  It is not some cold, dead rock floating in space.

2. I repeat, geneticists have said Neanderthal DNA has shown up in the
genes of modern humans.  Therefore this bit of science conclusively
proves they were fully human, mated with other humans, and are
descendants of Adam and Eve who needed a Savior just as we do.  The
Bible knows nothing of any group of human-like creatures who aren't
descendants of our original parents in the Garden of Eden.  GLL,
please provide chapter and verse if you know of any biblical evidence.  I
wonder if your spiritual advisor knows of your apparent love affair with a
fictional group of pseudo-humans.

3. I repeat, no conservative Bible commentator  I know of believes Peter
in 2 Peter 3:5-7 thinks Peter is talking only about the human race being
destroyed by the Flood and not also the surface of the earth.

4.  Nobody was there when Devils Tower was formed to document the
exact details of how it came into being.  

5.  Go back and read my comments on fossils in the Jan. 19 blog.  If you
don't believe fossils offer powerful testimony against evolution, I don't
believe even an angel coming down from heaven to explain this to you
would convince you.
Gerhold L. Lemke wrote: 1. One "yardstick" would be everything on
Google about "paleoclimate" where decreasing C-14 in ocean sediments
soon takes you back past 10,000 years ago to where only a created
"virtual time" saves the situation for people like me believing the Bible.
And I'm still waiting for anybody to tell me how the obvious realities of
Google's Nebraska ashfall rhino site could have happened before,
during, or after Noah's Flood.  Please do this work for us FIRST, if LSI
wants anybody to trust its "TAKE" on anything else.   

2. You should be talking about Neandertals being from Noah's
descendants (not Adam's) unless you want Neandertal on the Ark.
[Because their caves are in limestone supposedly deposited by the
Flood.]  The problem here is that when the DNA thing was first
reported, we were told that, if you list the greatest differences in DNA
between any people living today, the Neandertal difference was three
times greater than that.  Also, LSI has failed to tell us why C-14 in the
bones is almost totally absent.  So "virtual time"  applies.   

3. Don't wait on "common 'taters" here, where God helps ordinary
Christians to understand the Word, knowing that it can answer new
questions.  Also, I'm still asking why "tseetsaim" in Isaiah 42:5
(translated "what comes out of" can't be telling us that God c-r-e-a-t-e-d
Jerusalem's limestone, and thus the dinosaur tracks in a western

4. "Nobody was there" has always been a false argument.  Sherlock
Holmes was always about looking at the physical evidence from the
past.  Here it's a simple problem of physics -- how long it takes an
enclosed mass of rock to cool, where the larger crystals in the granite
here argue for a longer time for cooling.  Absolute proof that the
Monument has to be from "virtual time."   

5. With fossils, I never use the word "believe" which I reserve for
believing everything in the Word.  So I can only "think" about fossils
based on the evidence, and one of the great "thinking" questions
that LSI fails us on is explaining how a chaotic Flood managed to keep
every last trilobite in Paleozoic "Flood strata" before the first rock of
"dinosaur time"; or even more recent "time" was laid down.  It's a
statistical impossibility; but my secular friends accept "virtual time" as
being a credible answer even if they choose not to live their lives
according to anything in Scripture.  Thus, as opportunity permits, I can
still witness Christ to them, and God's promises for eternity.
The Editor wrote: 1. Some of the scientific "yardsticks" that suggest
a young earth include the decay of the earth's thermal energy and
magnetic field, the rate meteorite dust is falling on the earth, pressure
in the oil fields, the amount of helium in the atmosphere, and
documented human history, to name a few.

2. Perhaps Neanderthals were on the Ark, but definitely they were
descendants of Adam and Eve.  Otherwise, whom could they have
descended from?

3. Interesting theory.

4. Not a false argument. Investigators can't solve every crime; some
crimes take years to solve; in some unfortunate cases, people convicted
of a crime have later been found to be innocent; and one doesn't have
to go back thousand of years to find people today arguing over events
that have taken place in our lifetime (JFK assassination, OJ Simpson).
It's all a matter of how one interprets the evidence. Creationist and
evolutionists on so many occasions look at the same evidence and come
away with completely different interpretations.

5. How many people know what in the world you mean by "virtual time"
anyway?  I am pleased you are witnessing to unbelievers, but do so with
Law and Gospel and not with your strange "scientific" ideas.
Gerhold L. Lemke wrote: Thanking you again for keeping this blog
going, let me tell people here that "virtual time" is anything that looks
older in Deep Time than what could be included in the day-by-day real
time (which I also call Bible History time) that has been going on since
Creation Day One.  The explosion of Mt. Mazama, for instance,
happened on a specific day (approximately known to us, but exactly
known to God) in real time some centuries after my "best probability"
Flood date of 6000 BC (or 8000 BP, before present, as secular people
would say).  Adam & Eve died on specific days in real time, before the
Flood.  The last "year" in eternity before God created them was the last
"year" of a "virtual time" created by God in the sense that he created an
outermost tree ring for a tree in Eden that "marked" that last "year."   

I'm asking again, for the sake of your LSI audience, that you focus on:
Nebraska ashfall rhinos, as Google supplies all the information that a
creationist could ask for here.  This is from some 10,000,000 years BP
in Deep Time, when the microscopic glass particles from a super-
volcano (now sitting under Yellowstone) slowly killed the mother rhinos
with their calves staying alongside.  Starting with maybe half a foot of
ash here some 600 miles east of the explosion, winds filled a water hole
(with its own preserved creatures) ten feet deep with the ash, covering
the bones of the rhinos.  This tells a perfect "story" for Deep Time, and
nobody can fault an apologetic (allowed in WELS) that God could have
created this world-class bone site as such, as part of a created virtual
time.  But as I have stated before, all the EVIDENCE here (which you
say can always be interpreted in favor of a Bible Science point of view)
makes it impossible for anybody to argue that this  site could be from
before, during, or after Noah's real-time Flood.

Here's the argument based on the evidence, within our shared
conviction that the Bible is 100% true.  IF the rhinos died in real time
pre-Flood, then the average mile-pile of Earth's sedimentary rock
strata are also pre-Flood, which you reject.  And there has been no
time in the past 9,700 years of real time (Creation less than 10,000
BP) for North America to shift SW in such fashion as to account for
subsequent Deep Time ashfalls from the immense hot spot fueling
the supervolcano.  IF the rhinos all died in the Flood, then they
couldn't have floated whole in real time for so many months before
burial at the top of everything, and it's a statistical impossibility that
they'd all end up together just here in perfect association.  IF they all
died post-Flood, as descendants of a pair on the Ark, then their bones
should include some significant amount of Carbon-14, such as you
find in 8,000 real-time years of American pines and European oaks.
And you're stuck with the huge improbability of North America shifting
SW for the hot spot to be centered now under Yellowstone.

No, I wasn't there to see there to see the Flood, nor were you.  But
my work in Bible Prehistory demands that I not ignore what people are
reading (see Google: Spencer Wells Pandora's Seed) about how
Earth's climate "turned benign" about 10,000 BP
-- which would have been a good time for real time to start in Eden
(200 miles WSW of Ararat).  Wells tells us that Neolithic people ate ca.
150 species of plants -- so I can have Noah feeding a wild carrot to a
mare at the Ark site south of the Black Sea while young Japheth (Noah's
eldest) is claiming her new-born colt for his own.

If Nebraska geology stumps your "interpretation" then please yet focus
on Gobekli Tepe (Google) and how it could have been the real-time "city"
built by Cain as his nomad descendants expanded back west from the
land of Nod (where also Cain would have found Shanidar Cave with its
Neandertal bones as a part of God's virtual-time creation).  Should you
want this cave and the Gobekli Tepe site to be post-Flood (given the
limestone strata involved), then this is your opportunity for good
Christians to judge between our interpretations.

The bottom line here is always the fact that our Lord Jesus set Adam & Eve,
and Noah's family, in real-time Bible History.  And this is "His Story," God's
historical framework setting the stage for when his Son came to redeem our
fallen world "in the fullness of time," as Christmas reminds us.  So I have a
factual Noah story to tell, where all I ask is that people can discuss every
"best probability" wherever the Bible is silent.  GLL

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