Strange Creature is Half-Scorpion,

The newly-discovered pseudoscorpion kills prey with
venom-filled claws.

Summary: A newly-discovered species of pseudoscorpion has been
found in the dark caves of Yosemite National Park.  Named
, the tiny arachnid has eight spidery legs and an abdomen like a
spider, but it also has claws like a scorpion.  Unlike real scorpions, this
creature lacks a long post-abdomen stinger but makes up for it by
possessing venom-filled claws.  It is also blind, slow-moving and very
small, no longer than half an inch in length.

One of the main reasons the
Parobisium yosemite hadn't been
discovered before now is that it is found only in dark granite caves,
unusual in that most species live in limestone caves where better
humidity and access to food makes the environment more hospitable.  
James Cokendolpher, one of the researchers who documented the find,
said the animal had been trapped and "evolved" into its present form in
rubble that accumulated after a glacier "millions of years ago" created
the canyon where it was found.

Even though these predatory arachnids are harmless to humans, it is
nevertheless eerie to watch them hunt.  "We kept them in petri dishes
with plaster of Paris that was moistened so it was more like cave
conditions," Cokendolpher explained.  When the pseudoscorpion was
introduced to other animals in the petri dish it would go over and tap the
animal with its venom-filled claws.  By doing so it was able to sense
chemical clues to help it identify the potential prey along with its size
and suitability for food.

(Photo of a pseudoscorpion from
Wikipedia, credited to Kaldari)

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Thanks to Brent Nemmers for suggesting this story.

Comment: Many people upon reading about pseudoscorpions for the
first time might think they see a connection to the theory of evolution.  Is
this creature at long last a bona-fide much-sought-after example of an
extant transitional animal moving from one type of organism to an
entirely different type?  The problem would then lie in deciding if it is a
spider becoming a scorpion or rather a scorpion becoming a spider.  
Truthfully, there was nothing in this article to indicate any scientist
believes in either one of those two ideas.  Mr. Cokendolpher did talk
about this animal evolving in some ancient rubble but gave no details,
at least in this article.

There is no evidence that pseudoscorpions have ever been anything
except pseudoscorpions.  According to
Wikipedia, pseudoscorpions
have been around for “380 million years,” and those ancient ones have
“all of the traits of a modern pseudoscorpion.”  More recently, Aristotle
(384 BC to 322 BC) is given credit for being the first person to describe
the creatures after he possibly found them eating booklice in a library’s

If one wants an example of an even stranger modern animal that has
traits of more than one type of organism, look no farther than the
duckbill or platypus.  The platypus actually has characteristics of three
different classes of animals--mammal, bird, and reptile.   It is officially
classified as a mammal because of its fur and the fact the female
produces milk for her young.  However, like a bird it has a ducklike bill
and webbed feet and it lays eggs.   The eggs though are soft and
leathery like those of a reptile, and other reptilian features include venom
glands and cervical ribs.  According to
Wikipedia, fossils of the modern
platypus date back “100,000 years,” and presumably those creatures
looked just like their descendants which are living today.

Animals look the way they do because that is how they were created.  
Perhaps God showed a sense of humor when he created animals like
the pseudoscorpion and the platypus, but they seem to be doing quite
well the way they are.  Our human ancestors were doing quite well too
before they sinned in the Garden of Eden.  Now we are wallowing in
mischief and can be saved only by repenting of our transgressions and
coming to faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin.

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